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I am a hopeless romantic and have always wanted to write a love story, just never figured it would be my own… here goes nothing. Sam and I have known each other for around a decade. We both grew up in the same neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX, went to the same schools and were members of the same Country Club, our parents are also friends. Even with all that commonality, I don’t personally recall meeting him until later in life, I was in college and possibly because Sam is 3 years older than me (our birthdays are 1 week a part). We both attended the same college and are die-hard TCU Horned Frogs (GO FROGS!) … all of that aside my very best friend started dating Sam’s roommate just after he had graduated. I ended up hanging out with them randomly at parties and we all kind of ran in the same circles. I had a serious boyfriend at the time and Sam was still in full blown “frat boy” party mode (even though he had already graduated, it took him several years to grow out of this stage LOL). Sam and I always had chemistry and got along well. We even kissed one wild/blurry night. I told him on Facebook the next morning to never tell anyone about it... his response “I have waited a year and a day for this secret, I am excited about it!” Typical Sam.



Several years went by and I had another boyfriend, Sam was busy starting his company and hanging out with his buddies at the bar. Our best friends I mentioned earlier ended up getting married, and we were both bridesmaid/groomsman in the wedding together (I still had a boyfriend) but Sam would always try to pull me aside and give me some flirty eyes whenever he saw an opportunity.



A year or two went by, and I had recently broken up with my boyfriend. I promised myself and my girlfriends I was going to live my best single life and have a great year focusing on ME.. shortly after that I went to a TCU football game with my girlfriend and ran into Sam…it had been over a year.  Almost instantly he asked me if I had broken up with my ex. I said something to the effect of **** YES… and the rest was history. He hardly left my apartment, and when he did, he wouldn’t leave until setting a time for our next date so that I had to see him. His persistence obviously worked! I was smitten, and he will kill me when I expose him, but he is a total hopeless romantic like me. My best friend. We have been together now for 4 years this month! I know this is going to sound so cliché… I truly feel that timing is everything and that Sam came back into my life at that exact time for a reason. We were both in great places to start a relationship and we just kind of knew right away this was what we wanted to do. We have had bumps and bruises along the way, but we always stayed the course. We love all of the same things, we both love to eat, fish, travel and love on our fur babies. It was ALL worth the wait, I have never felt more ready than now to Say I Do.

Our Story 

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